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About Dr. Nan Nelson

My Journey to Being A Doctor Wasn’t Like Most….

I wasn’t one of those brainiac kids who always wanted to be a doctor. I mentioned a time or two in high school that I wanted to be a pediatrician. Back in those days, women weren’t really accepted to medical school so my high school did not have a premed curriculum.

In college, my journey took a different twist. My roommate and I were both premed. I met my future husband, whose mother was a homemaker, and he wanted a homemaker for a wife. I double majored in Home Economics and Education with an Early Childhood Endorsement. I was married for seven years and really didn’t give being a doctor a whole lot of thought. However, every once in a while, my old college roomie would call and talk about the baby she delivered or something else she was up to in her medical training and I would wonder why I gave it all up.

After one call, I really pondered, could someone with a Home Economics degree get accepted to Medical School? By this time I was thirty years old and the truth was that Home Economics had no rigorous science training as part of the curriculum. I took a chance and leased my home and moved back into the college dorms to complete the training I needed to get into medical school.

I graduated and committed to helping people, especially women and children heal the trauma in their lives and live a life of passion and freedom from the past. I feel my own trauma has made me a more compassionate psychiatrist and medical professional because of my past.


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