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Beneath the Full Moon

Dr. Nan’s new book is revealing look at what mental illness is manifesting in the real world. All of the stories are experiences from Dr. Nan’s work in the mental health community. Many will make you laugh, cry, and shift your perception of mental illness. Every chapter contains the signs of mental health problems that you can begin to see in the world around you and allow you to understand when and how to help friends and family seek help.



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Beneath the Full Moon: Compassionate Reflections from the Psychiatric Ward

In Beneath the Full Moon, psychiatrist Nan Nelson invites you inside the mental hospitals and psych wards where she’s practiced for over 30 years and shares her personal anecdotes and insights from working with the mentally ill. Told with humor and heart, Nan recounts stories and case studies of patients suffering from depression, PTSD, OCD, addictions, and more. Dr. Nelson ends each chapter with valuable and practical tips for how family members can support their loved ones who may be struggling with mental illnesses.

Treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders

In medical school, we were taught First, Do No Harm. While studying in obstetrics, we were basically told, Do not interfere with the natural process of pregnancy and delivery so that nature could run its course. Let the obstetrician add medication because they know the most. In the world of defensive medicine, why would you add medication during pregnancy? The malpractice insurance for ob-gyns is astronomical. Women have been delivering babies since the beginning of time, and itll all turn out okay.

As an intern, I was terrified of killing someone. I would check and recheck my work to make sure that I did not harm someone. So the noninterference of medication use during pregnancy and postpartum made sense to me.

Missing Butterfly Feelings

Missing Butterfly Feelings is a book to help children understand death and dying. Dr. Nelson, as a child psychiatrist, has used this story to help children and their families handle the issues. Most adults dont know how to talk about death. This book gives the children and their adults a language to process their feelings about death.

The Moose Who Loved TV

The Moose Who Loved TV is a true story about a girl living in Alaska. Her house had large windows in which the moose, Marty, would come over to watch TV at night. These windows had to be shipped in from the lower forty-eight states, which took a long time. So the girls mother would get very upset when Marty stood at the window and watched TV, fearing Marty would break the windows.

The Woman Who Wanted To Be Mom

There was a woman who wanted to be a mother more than anything else in the world.

This book is a glimpse of the authors personal story about her choice to pursue single motherhood. The Woman Who Wanted to be Mom is a short but sweet read about a mothers unconditional love for her children.



Dr. Nan Nelson attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science at San Antonio. She did her adult psychiatry training, as well as her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Case Western Reserve/University Hospitals of Cleveland. She is double board certified in both. She did her perinatal/ women’s training with Dr. Miriam Rosenthal at McDonald Women’s House. She completed an early childhood education and MBA prior to medical school. She lives in northeast Ohio with her 2 children, 3 cats, dog, and her daughters bearded dragon.